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Chakra: Style placeholder of select

Is there a way to style the <Select> more subtle if the placeholder option is selected?



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You can use the sx props to override the color on condition.

export const MySelect = ({ children, ...selectProps }: SelectProps) => {
    return (
        <Select {...selectProps}
                "&": {
                    color: selectProps.value === "" ? "gray.300" : "current",
                "& option[value='']": { color: "gray.300" }, // placeholder *option* should be subtle (firefox)
                "& :not(option[value=''])": { color: "gray.800" }, // all other *options* should be default text color

PS: In case you want to make sure that the underlying chakra <Select> can't be imported see in your project πŸ‘‰ How can I prevent import of specific component of a library?