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Download a file in JavaScript via Ajax

In the past I've executed my file download requests with provided an a element with the download attribute, or opening the link to the file in a new browser tab. In those cases the Web Application was secured via a session cookie so I had no problems with this approach.

But in my current project it's a bit different, because the API is secured with a Json Web Token which is not stored as a Cookie or in the localStorage. Therefore I would need to call the download url via Ajax (we use Axios for this in our case) so I can provide the JWT. The Ajax call returns me the File as a Blob, but now I'm not sure how I can prompt the Browser to download the file onto the file system of the user.



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Ok I found out how I can do it. With the Blob which is returned from the Axios call I can convert it to an object url, create an a element with it and simulate a click event, so that the Browser prompts the file download.

If you don't want to implement this by your own, there is the js-file-download library: GitHub
It also checks if the browser supports the download attribute and opens the link in a new tab as fallback.

Don't forget to set the responseType of your Ajax request to blob. This will ensure that the file is being downloaded correctly, else it will probably be appear as corrupted.