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NextJS: How can I lazy-load third party css?

I want to implement profile image upload for logged-in user with cropping functionality (CropperJS). CropperJS comes with its own css which needs to included in my application. But NextJS only allows to import third party css in <App> which I really don not want to since this should only get loaded for authenticated users.

Error message from NextJS:

Global CSS cannot be imported from files other than your Custom . Please move all global CSS imports to src/pages/_app.tsx

Do you guys have any solution for this issue?



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Anki Batsukh

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This is my workaround for now…
Lazy load the image cropping modal component and inject the raw css per <style> with next/head

// lazy loading
const AvatarUpload = dynamic(() => import('./avatar-upload'), {
  loading: function _Loader() {
    return <LoadingSpinner isLoading />;

// avatar-upload.tsx
const cropperCss = `Paste the whole min.css here`

const AvatarUpload = () => {
  // ...

  return (
     {/* ... */} 
export default ProfileUserAvatarUpload;
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