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How to ask questions when you begin with programming

15th December 2020

👶 Every beginning is hard

This also applies for programming. If you begin with coding there are lot of questions. You have to search for solutions for your specific problems - yeah sometimes quit long. In the beginning you most probably gonna fail to figure out how to search successfully on Google and can't find the fulfilling answers for your questions. But don't give up! It will get easier and each day you will getting better in “how to google”.

👻 The most frightening step for beginners

One day you will face an issue where you’re just stuck and aren’t able to find a solution or helpful tip in the big wild world of internet. Yes! And this is the time where you take your whole courage together and want to ask the community for help. Of course this can be frightening because you don't have an idea how the community will react and also there will be so many other questions in your head. Like for example "Where can I ask the question?", "Is my question just a stupid idea everybody will laugh about?", "Is the issue relevant enough to bother the community?" and so on. So let me explain you how you should go about it 😉

🤔 Select the right platform for your question

Since running into an issue is the most common thing in programming, there are plenty of websites which try to help you to find the correct answer. But how can you figure out which of those platforms offers the best solution to your problem? Well, there is no right answer for this. You just have to try out the platforms and see the result. In fact it really doesn't matter as long as you get the right solution for your issue, right?

😤 Be prepared

"There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers!" One thing that I really appreciate is that most developers are really kind, patient and always try to help whenever possible. But of course there are black sheeps whom actually no platform want to have in their community. So be prepared that you might receive some mad answers, or your question will be deleted immediately because a moderator says so. Of course this is a bad experience for you but don't let them put you down!

😇 Be kind and clear

One of the most important thing you should focus on, is to be clear and transparent. Provide as much information as possible about your problem and make sure that everybody understands you dilemma. Code snippets demonstrate the issue or your failed try and make it easier for an outstanding person to understand the problem.

🙏 Appreciate every single response

Never forget that behind every single response there is someone who tries to help you. Providing an answer is time consuming, no matter if it was helpful or not and usually those people are doing it in their free time. So please always be thankful for the answers, give feedback to the contributors and let them know if the answer was helpful for you or not.

🆙 Level up

The next step for you would be, when you provide an answer. At least then you will see why there are so many developers who put their free time to answering questions: because it gives you a satisfying feeling when you can help someone else finding a solution for their problem. Also an other way to providing valuable content to the community is to ask a question and answer it by yourself, which might sound weird but as I said, it is all about finding the right answer and maybe someone else will also search for the same problem and stumble upon your solution.

✍️ Sum it up

Asking a question is the most normal thing in programming. If you’re stuck with some issue then don’t hesitate to ask the community. Be friendly, transparent and provide as much informations as possible, so that others can understand your problem quickly. Show some love if someone provided the solution and most important: also add some helpful content for the community.

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